Skin Care

Spray Tanning: Pre and Post Care

1 Day Prior to your Spray Tan

Make sure you shave or use a depilatory cream to remove any unwanted body hair and exfoliate your entire body with mild, oil free, non-abrasive exfoliant.

8 Hours Prior to your Spray Tan

Take a shower but do not apply any body oils or moisturizer to skin, as this can create a barrier on your skin. Wear dark colored clothing, preferably black and loose fitting to avoid excess contact or staining to your clothing after your spray tan.

5 Minutes Prior to you Spray Tan

  • Wipe your skin with the pre spray tan wipes to remove any excess body oils or products from the skin
  • Remove makeup and deodorant with baby wipes
  • Pull hair up and away from your face and neck with a hair tie and cover your hair with a hair cap
  • Rub a small amount of hair conditioner along your exposed hairline to prevent discoloration
  • Remove contact lenses, clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Apply barrier cream to ears, elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and top of feet

6-8 Hours after your Spray Tan

Try to avoid any activities that may cause sweating; exercise, cleaning, or showering, as your spray tan is developing during these hours. Contact with water or sweat could result in lines or uneven tanning. In the event that you sleep in your spray tan make sure to cover your bed with dark sheets and pillow cases so that the bronzer does not stain your regular sheets.

8 Hours after your Spray Tan

You can take a shower like you normally do. You will see some color wash away from your skin which is completely normal. The color that you see wash away is the color guard which is the instant tan that you can see right after your spray tan. The color guard is used to give immediate tan results but also so that the technician may see where they are applying solution. Do not be concerned by this, as your developed tan is still there.

You may wash with a mild moisturizer and gentle loofah. While drying off please make sure to pat dry. To extend the look of your spray tan apply a tan extending lotion at night.